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Since an important part of the Tele-Lab relies on the latest features of the HTML 5 and WebSockets technologies (which are not supported equally by all current browsers), you will not be able to take part in practical exercises in the lab. Please use the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari for full experience.


About Tele-Lab?

Tele-Lab Internet Security is a novel eLearning platform for ICT- and Internet Security. But Tele-Lab offers more than classical systems: Students can immediately apply the gained knowledge doing practical excercises.

This can be done within Tele-Labs virtual laboratory. The isolated lab environment allows students to work with, reconfigure, or attack at will - without posing themselves, our server or third parties to any risk. Users can access the virtual laboratory even from home via Internet, all one needs is a web browser.

Screencast: how to use Tele-Lab? (currently german language only)


Latest news

Tele-Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Das Hasso-Plattner-Institut ist auf der Cebit 2011 mit einem eigenen Stand in der Future Parc-Halle vertreten. Dort wird neben anderen Forschungsprojekten des HPI auch das Tele-Lab präsentiert. Die Cebit findet vom 01. bis zum 05. März 2011 in Hannover statt. Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 9 am Stand C15.

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